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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Perform At Key Arena

Music veteran Sir Mix-a-Lot is reportedly teaming up with a symphony crew to provide diehard fans with an updated version of his 90’s hit, “Baby Got Back.”

Buzz behind the unexpected decision has started to heat up the Internet.

Sir Mix-a-Lot will be appearing as a special guest with the Seattle Symphony this summer as the orchestra performs a new composition inspired by the “Baby Got Back” rapper’s work. The Sir Mix-a-Lot piece was written by Gabriel Prokofiev, a London-based composer and DJ, founder of the record label Nonclassical and grandson of the great Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. (Rolling Stone)

The song’s writer Gabriel Prokofiev revealed his motivation for teaming up with the Seattle Symphony to update Sir Mix’s classics.

“All the most famous people have been done, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Quincy Jones is originally from Seattle, but when I got the list the one person who hadn’t been done who I thought was really interesting was Sir Mix-A-Lot. He’s a 90s rapper; he’s quite humorous and a fun guy. So I’m orchestrating two of his most famous hits, and he’s actually going to rap on stage with orchestra.” (The Quietus)

Prokofiev also dished on how much of a studio junkie Sir Mix-a-Lot is.

“He’s got this rap persona but in reality he’s the softest, he’s only interested in mixing. His most famous hit is ‘Baby Got Back’ which starts, “I like Big Butts…” and so I’m doing a new piece based on the rhythms of his, of raps…” (The Quietus)

Back in 2009, Mix-a-Lot caught heat after teaming up with fast food franchise Burger King for a rendition of “Baby Got Back.”

This may not make you barf as hard as those pictures of Tila Tequila trying to be Smashing Pumpkins’ new drummer, but above is a new Burger King commercial that finds Sir Mix-A-Lot, integrity-questionable rapper famous for “Baby Got Back,” re-doing his famous ode to asses as a Burger King commercial pimping square butts and Sponge Bob Squarepants. I mean, the Knight of Butt was never the greatest rapper, but this ad is a shill that will be impossible to wash off, even after hours under a chemical shower. Does Sir Mix-A-Lot have credit card bills to pay? Seriously. (Prefix Mag)

Check out the “Baby Got Back” music video:

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