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New York rap veteran 50 Cent has come forward to speak out on his mysterious relationship with estranged G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo in light of break-up speculation.

Discussing the “Talk of New York” first, Fif said his longtime pal had come to rely on him for too much.

“I just shot 13 music videos for Animal Ambition,” Fif said in an interview. “With Ya, I put him in like 4 of the joints – I think some people are like milk. They have an expiration date. No matter what you do, they’ll spoil after awhile. What I’m saying to you is I’ve done a lot for them. Being personable with people, they’ll feel like that homeboy code – ‘You got it, so you should give it to me,’ versus what makes sense. If you don’t sustain your value in the marketplace, I gotta pay you the market rate.”

Curtis Jackson also talked about his distanced relationship with the “Punchline King.”

“I do have to take a look at myself and in Banks’ case, I can be considered a little inconsiderate because I didn’t have those different things in my life. When his father passed, he crossed his arms and was like there until I came to get him. Then you heard ‘Beamer, Benz, Bently’ and then you saw the videos before that were saying, ‘Directed by 50 Cent.’ I’m not a video director. I had to go get the boy out his room to go shoot the videos. If you don’t believe that, go look at his last Cold Corner tapes and no videos. You see what I’m saying?”

While Fif said he believed Banks wanted to explore a solo career, he recently revealed both Unit members took offense to certain comments he makes.

“I think he wanted his independence,” 50 told MTV News on Monday just before a sit-down at Eminem’s Shade 45 radio station, where he taped a SIRIUS XM Town Hall with fans set to air on March 31. “[Yayo and Banks are] like my little brothers, so at points I say things that make them uncomfortable. There was one point where you can even say I was a bit insensitive,” 50 admitted. (MTV)

Recently, 50 said frustration and anger may have contributed to Yayo’s publicized anti-Unit remarks.

“I had a wonderful journey with the people I grew up with. I think the frustration comes from shock, probably, that it’s not everything they wanted it to be,” he says of Yayo’s comments. “Him of all people… It’s not a secret, it’s a known fact that he actually came home form jail with a million dollars and a Bentley. Like, ‘What do you want?'” (Billboard)

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