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Desmond Fitzpatrick

This past Tuesday, Farmington (Mich.) sophomore wide receiver, Desmond Fitzpatrick received his fifth division one offer from Wake Forest University. Then without missing a beat this past Thursday, Fitzpatrick took a visit to Michigan State University and although he’s visited East Lansing before, he said this visit was just as great as the last one.

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“I’ve visited Michigan State before but just like last time, I really enjoyed my visit.” Fitzpatrick said. “It was good to see coach Terrence Samuel again and watch the team practice. I even had another chance to sit-in on the wide receiver meeting and learn more about their offense and route combinations.”

“The other great part about my visit was the fact that I got a chance to watch spring practice. It was definitely up tempo and intense. I was even able to recognize a lot of the plays that they went over in the meeting and remember some of the calls and terminology, so it was a cool experience. A few of the coaches including coach Dantonio even noticed how much I had grown.”

According to Fitzpatrick, his great visit didn’t stop there, as he added that he got a chance to talk head coach Mark Dantonio for a little while during his visit.

“One of the highlights of my visit was that I had a really nice talk with coach Dantonio.” Fitzpatrick replied. “I don’t want to say what we talked about, but I’m hoping that they will offer me soon. I don’t really think about whether they will or won’t offer me that much but I know that if I keep getting better, they will eventually offer me…At least, I hope so.”

When I asked Fitzpatrick what it is exactly that he likes about Michigan State, he had plenty to say.

“I’ve been there a few times, so I love the campus, because you can pretty much walk everywhere.” Fitzpatrick said. “I also like the coaching staff and their offense. I like the fact that they run a pro offense and use the same terms that they use in the NFL. They also run pretty much the entire route tree and they throw the ball a lot. They have a really balanced offense and I feel that coach Samuel is a really good wide receiver coach, who is really technical.”

Apparently, this won’t be the last time we see Fitzpatrick visit Michigan State because he stated the he will be making a return trip to East Lansing next week along with a few more visits to other schools over the next month.

“I will be back at MSU next week for their scrimmage.” Fitzpatrick replied. “Besides my upcoming visit to MSU’s scrimmage, I will also be visiting Notre Dame, Kentucky and Wake Forest over the next three weeks. Overall, I am looking forward to these upcoming visits but I’m definitely glad that I can’t drive yet and that my dad has to do all of the driving!”

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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