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Ladies and gentleman Ma$e is back! Let’s be honest if you were a witness to the Bad Boy era of the late 90′s then you know the impact the ‘Harlem World’ star had on hip hop before his abrupt departure from rap at the height of his career to pursue a life in ministry.

Now years after an on again off again retirement and responding to his calling as a pastor, it looks as though the slow talking MC is ready to reclaim his place as hip hop royalty.  I got the rare opportunity to speak with him during my Glam Radio show on Hot 107.5 and we spoke about everything from him almost hitting J. Cole for disrespect, to his long time beef with his childhood friend Cam’Ron and more. See the video inside

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I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities but I must say talking with Ma$e was like living out a middle school dream. He looked exactly like he did in 1997 when he released his debut album except without the baggy close and backwards hat but still fly nonetheless (his leather jacket was everything). From the moment he stepped in the studio he was all smiles with those dimples and his unmistakable laugh and wasted no time getting right into the interview.

Check out the highlights and video below:

On his relationship with Diddy:

“…He helped me move my mother and my family out the hood, I’m forever grateful for that. Sometimes we have a lot of issues but I’m grown so I can respect the good that he’s done.”

On being the only artist on Bad Boy that got paid:

“Like I’m the only artist that really got paid by Puff like really, really paid…Puff will tell you I got really, really paid.  But  I love Puff.  Puff wants to give me another check and I’m gonna take it.”

On how he feels about this generation of hip hop:

“This generation is just different…I like the creativity like certain things they get to do we didn’t get to do but I get it.  Like I couldn’t sound like somebody or I couldn’t do anything similar to somebody…You had your fans, you didn’t sound like nobody, you didn’t date the same girls…”

On almost hitting J. Cole:

“I really like Drake, I like Ye…I like J. Cole too when he’s not taking shots at me I like him. I saw him [J. Cole] one day and I was gonna hit him but I figured I was too grown to be knocking light skin people out. I really like him as an artist.  That’s a different generation. In our generation we see you it’s action. But when I saw him I was like oh he’s a kid he don’t get it. I wasn’t feeling church that day…I wasn’t in the spirit when I saw him but I caught myself.”

On his relationship with Cam’ron and Jim Jones:

“I did speak to Jim we supposed to be working together and me and Cam gonna work together at some point. It’s all love…Me and Cam go all the way back…we fight [but] we good.  It’s like I could fight him but you can’t fight him.” 

See the entire interview below and big S/O to CtrlDet and @josephmcfashion for the video!

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