Active vs. Passive Marketing

By Stephanie Taylor

“Marketing a small business is more complicated than picking out business cards and a few radio advertisements”.

These days, the above statement could not be more true. It’s not enough to put your message out there; throwing caution to the wind and hoping you get results. That’s what we call “passive marketing”. As a small business owner, you need to “actively market”; using social media, digital media and visual media; targeted to the specific audience you’re trying to teach. More than that, you have to engage them face to face. Teaming up with other businesses to build your customer base and get customers in the door.

Now, why would a radio station tell you that radio is not enough? It’s because we are more than radio. We have the resources to reach your target customer base on the airwaves, on the web, on mobile devices, on social media and the ability to physically draw them to your business with live events and broadcasts.

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