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bombA husband and wife from Syria opened up a restaurant in Eastepointe featuring middle eastern and American foods. They name of the restaurant is The Bomb, and the play on words has sparked debate.

Owner George Georgi say she chose the name because his food is “very hot and spicy.” The slang phrase “the bomb” is also often used to mean something is awesome or really cool.

Yet the owners say some people take offense to the name tied in with the middle-eastern roots, especially since their logo is an animated, cartoon bomb.

“I think its distasteful. I think it feeds into the certain stereotypes that are out there, that somehow someway associate Arab Americans with bombs, destructive devices or some sort of violence. I would urge them really to reconsider at a different name, using a name that may be hurtful to a certain community,” says Nabih Ayad, from the Arab American Civil Rights League.

Georgi says he is not changing the name of the restaurant.

The Bomb is located on Nine Mile Road at Piper Avenue, near Gratiot Avenue.

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