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Rob Chudzinski

Well it seems once again the Cleveland Browns have shown they don’t know how to build up a successful franchise as they have officially fired head coach Rob Chudzinski after one year according to Ian Rapport of NFL.com

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By now we all know that the Browns had another stressful season as they finished the season with a 4-12 record. Then you add that with their struggles at quarterback and running back and it’s understandable that the Browns as an organization are frustrated but that’s no reason to fire Chudzinski after only one year.

I may not be an owner of an NFL team or even a general manager of an NFL team but I know you can’t expect success with new coach in one year. You build towards it. Now some say that CEO Joe Banner and general manager Michael Lombardi don’t trust that the team will buy into Chudzinski. While it’s very possible that they are thinking that, it’s still no excuse. I mean come on, what did you hire him for if you didn’t think his system would work or the team would buy into his system.

This goes back to my question of whether the Browns know how to build up a franchise. The first rule of building a franchise is hiring a coach that you feel can take the team to the next level, then once you do hire him, you don’t fire him after one year without any real true reason. A coach needs at least three to four years to build his team, not one year.

I know the Browns struggled but the Browns should have given Chudzinski a chance to build. We all know that Brandon Weeden was not the answer at quarterback but with the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft and free agency, the Browns should have given Chudzinski a chance to draft or trade for franchise quarterback.

The same thing goes for the run game. Let’s not forget that the Browns traded running back Trent Richardson, basically leaving Chudzinski with less to work with. So he has no true quarterback since there wasn’t one already there for him. Then you trade away the one running back he had but don’t give him an opportunity to find one during the off-season.

While I don’t think Chudzinski would have turn the Browns into a Superbowl caliber team, I do feel he was a solid option for the Browns to rebuild off of. Think about it,  he’s a Toledo native and longtime fan of the Browns. He knows the  franchise in every way possible and wants to make the franchise better.

Most forget that Chudzinski did a solid job along with Norv Turner of developing and using tight end Jordan Cameron and wide receiver Josh Gordon. If Chudzinski had received an opportunity, he could have added more pieces to that offense.

I understand coaches receive a great amount of the blame for their team’s struggles but Chudzinski simply worked with what he had and was given. I don’t care who you are, any coach would have struggled this season coaching the Browns.

Now the Browns are right back in the same situation which is looking for a new head coach to build up their team. Just like always they have to be careful who they hire. The Browns have two first-round selections along with more picks in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. So the Browns better be sure that their next head coach is the right man for the job and most importantly be willing to stick with him and give him an opportunity to build up the team.

I am not big on predictions or anything but I would like to say don’t be surprised if Josh McDaniels of the New England Patriots is the first name you here as the next possible head coach of the Browns. I honestly feel that’s who Lombardi wanted all along and since he couldn’t hire him last year for “certain reasons”, he probably feels he can hire him now. Then again, they could always give it to Norv Turner, since he is already the offensive coordinator. However, like I said, I’m not big on predictions or anything but it’s just something to think about if your thinking about possible coaches for the Browns.

Nonetheless, if there one thing I know, it’s that you can’t have success by constantly changing coaches, systems and cultures all the time. The Browns need to pick a coach who can help to rebuild this team, give him his time to re-build, help him re-build the team with money and through the draft, then move on to the next step when necessary. Trust me I know, I grew up and currently live in Detroit, Michigan, so that means I grew up a Lions fan. So if anyone knows about the struggles of a team and how to fix them, it’s me. Let’s just hope the Browns take my advice more serious than the Lions have.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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