We, like most of you, are avid readers of Buzzfeed, and find ourselves often times laughing hysterically from the hilarious memes and gifs in every post. While browsing the Internet yesterday, we came across their “The 51 Hottest Black Men in Hollywood.”

We were confident in Buzzfeed and was positive they would get every spot on the list 100% correct as they’ve done so often in the past. However, much to our surprise, as we scrolled down the list, we became more and more confused! Who were some of these men on the list? How did some of these men even make the list and more importantly why?!

While their list was great and had a few eye candies to get us through the day, there were A LOT of Black faces missing (and a few we could have definitely done without). So, we’ve decided to create a REVISED version of The 51 Hottest Black Men in Hollywood–adding just a little bit more sexiness, shining a light on the men that were sadly overlooked. Ladies, are you ready? Let’s begin.

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