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According to TheBijouStarFiles:

Kanye West definitely goes on my list of most attention hungry celebs on the planet.  I was just waiting to see what he had up his sleeve for his Yezzus tour (outside of the name itself).  As expected Kanye didn’t fail us during the opening weekend of his tour in Seattle over the weekend and treated the audience with a visit from “White Jesus”.  See the video inside.

Not to anyone’s surprise Kanye’s tour is definitely pushing the religious envelope…I mean the guy is calling himself ‘Yezzus,’ what else could we expect from him.  Many critics are saying Kanye went a bit far this time with his “White Jesus” impersonator coming on stage. That’s not where it stopped though.  Ye was accompanied by female disciples and ballerinas in flesh-toned costumes and he performed on a mountain top also.  I’m convinced this guy just wants us to talk about him at any cost.

Everyone has their own definition of what art is but in my opinion there is a point when something can loose it’s artistic value when it is clearly done just to go against social norms for the sake of a reaction. Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs but there are a couple of things I don’t believe in playing with and one of them happen to be Jesus.  Kanye you go ahead and keep playing with him if you want to but I would advise against it. Hey that’s just my thoughts though…I digress.

Check out Yeezy and his fake Jesus below. SMH:

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