In today’s world, we as sport fans love to compare and rank players, I would even say the media loves to do it more than the fans do. For a while now ESPN has been ranking each player in the NBA, from 200 all the way to number one and although they haven’t reached the number one ranking yet, people are already going crazy.

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Why? Because ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant as the 25th best player in the NBA right now. Now last year he was ranked as the 6th best player in the NBA, which had plenty of people going crazy but you can imagine even more people are going crazy now over his latest ranking.

In my opinion ranking and comparing players can be fun but I’m personally not a fan of it. Why? Because we as individuals all have our own opinions on who we think is the best and why. I wrote an article not to long ago about stopping player comparisons, especially players from a different era, for example Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. I feel it’s a pointless comparison because they come from two different eras, played with different teammates and opponents and even have different game styles. I am more for saying the best player for every decade or era but that just my opinion. I feel there is no reason to compare or rank players unless you are just doing it for fun. Comparing and ranking players, no matter what sport will always be looked down upon by me because it’s based on opinions and it seems people just don’t know how to agree to disagree. Some see it as a sign of defeat when it’s not, when you agree to disagree, your basically agreeing to respect each other’s opinions but agreeing to disagree on that particular topic, comparison or ranking.

If I think Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James, more than likely you’re not gong to change my mind. If I think Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers, that’s my opinion based on my knowledge and facts. I may debate for fun that Kobe Bryant is not the 25th best player in the NBA right now even though that’s what ESPN ranked him but I am not going to lose my mind over it and try to change people’s mind about it when they have their opinions and I have mine.

Then you have those like Kevin Durant who feels players should rank players not analysts, see his tweet below:

I like Kevin Durant but I must say I disagree with this tweet. While I understand his point of view and wouldn’t have a problem seeing NBA players rank their peers just like the NFL does every year with their players, I don’t think analysts , writers or even fans should stop ranking or comparing players. Analysts are exactly what their name says, “analysts”, they analyze based on their experience and knowledge. We as people have the right to make up our own opinions based on what we know and experience. It shouldn’t matter if you played the sport or not or if you played at a particular level. It’s something to take into consideration when listening to a person’s opinion but that’s about it. Then there are some that say analysts and writers are biased and don’t offer an unbiased point of view, I’m sure I could say the same thing about players and I can definitely say it about fans of the game.

In conclusion, as I said earlier, I am not fan of comparisons and rankings, because we as individuals have different opinion on things and sometimes we just don’t know how to accept someone else’s opinion, instead we get mad and argue over it. Most people aren’t going to change their minds just because someone disagrees. We all put different things into consideration when rankings or comparing players. I think we should do them for fun but we shouldn’t go crazy or lose sleep over them or make a point to argue all day over them. State your thoughts, listen to other person’s opinion and if you can’t come to an agreement, just agree to disagree. While I was shocked that ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant as the 25th best player in the NBA, I didn’t go on a Twitter rant trying to state why he shouldn’t be there. I didn’t go out of my way trying to explain my opinion to people who said he sucks or should be ranked 25th. I reported the news, spoke my piece on my radio show with my fans about how I disagreed with ESPN ranking him 25th and moved on to the next topic. Like I said before, nothing wrong with rankings or comparing players but no need to get angry or upset when someone disagrees. It just an opinion.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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