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Monday 10/14/2013 @ 11:30am


Detroit Joe Louis Fist (Downtown Detroit)

Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press

DETROIT,MI – 10/14/13 – Detroit Emergency Manager Appointee Jim Bonsall who was appointed to the post of Detroit’s chief financial officer, is under fire and the subject of an internal investigation over a racially tinged comment he made in a meeting with other city officials. Mr. Bonsall admitted to making comments asking whether he’d be able to shoot anyone in a hoodie if he participated in the city’s annual Angels’ Night anti-arson patrols. Angels Night is a yearly community patrol event during the Halloween nights, city appointees are usually mandated to participate. Activists are calling for the immediate termination of Mr. Bonsall.

Rev. Charles E. Williams II said “Mr. Bonsall’s overt racist jests are unwarranted, and insensitive. A public servant that serves an electorate that’s over 86 percent African American should know better. We are calling for an immediate termination of his employment”

Rev. Al Sharpton Said “Remarks likes these have no place in the workplace. Public servants know better and serve the public as a privilege. I support the Detroit Chapter of the National Action Network and Rev. Charles Williams II and their call for Mr. Bonsall removal.”

Rev. Charles Williams II represents the next generation of civil rights leadership, and is the National Organizing and Expansion Director of the National Action Network and Michigan Chair. Rev Williams is a Huffington Post Blogger, and is regularly featured on CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera America.

Detroit Community Enraged At Racist Remarks of City Appointee Jim Bonsall: Rev Charles Williams II and Community Call for Immediate Termination, Not Vacation  was originally published on

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