In today’s world of sports we as fans and media love to compare players and while I’m fine with comparing players at times, some comparisons just shouldn’t be made.

When it comes to comparisons, media and fans love to compare NBA Players, whether they are current players or retired players.

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For example, one of the huge comparisons at this time is Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Now me personally, I don’t see why we as media and fans are even bringing this up right now. Probably because we can’t help ourselves and we like to create controversy but just analyze this comparison for a second.

First off, Jordan is retired and has been for a while now, LeBron on the other hand is not even close to being retired at least not from what I can see, so how about we first wait until LeBron gets “close” to retirement before we even attempt make this comparison.

More importantly…I don’t agree with comparing players from different eras of the game and frankly both players as all players do have had their own individual and team success in the NBA.

Let me break it down for you.

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