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Picture source: WXYZ

DETROIT, Mich (iamtopflight.com)- Detroit Police Chief James Craig says that this is an exciting day in the city of Detroit; noting that the “All Star Team” will increase and improve credibility, raise the city’s morale and execute a game plan that will unsettle policing issues.


Chief Craig announced a new executive team for the Detroit Police Department that will promote stability in DPD; while tapping into the department’s talent, the talent that was always there. Craig says the passion was readily available and that the officers are committed to the safety of Detroit citizens. The promotion of the new “All Star Team” is in effect.


According to the Detroit native (turned ex- Cincinnati top cop) one of the major changes of policing is the reintroduction of precincts within the community, “Commanding Officers will know the businesses and residents of the community“, Craig said. He also stated that the promotions were not done by “friends and family” but by merit. The chief carried on to expound on the overall morale of the department, stating that a high morale within the unit reduces crime in the community.


Some of the key points Craig listed as part of the new initiative are as follows:

  • Accountability- Getting things done and problem solving. No procrastinating.
  • Tackle Issues- no complaining, only solutions
  • Service and delivery
  • Moving quickly to re-open precincts within the next 6- 12 months in heavily populated neighborhoods
  • Annual salary savings- over $1 million cut from the budget


Chief Craig also stated that he was proud to say that within his time, homicide saw a 13 percent reduction and 5 percent in overall crime. “It feels good when (citizens) say they feel safer; we’re going back to precincts because they align with neighborhoods“.

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