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These days with cameras everywhere there is no way to hide anything.  A video leaked today which basically proves that former NFL star Braylon Edwards did in fact grab a man by the ankle and flip him upside down. SMH

See the video below:

TMZ reports:

The video begins with the 6’3″, 218-pound wide receiver chewing out a photog who allegedly shot footage of Braylon pushing someone else around outside the nightclub. 

After Braylon screams at the guy, the photog starts to walk away … but Braylon chased after him, and while the photog had his back turned, Braylon reached down and ripped his ankles out from under him … sending the photog flying face first into the pavement. 

The photog eventually got up and headed to a nearby police station, where he filed a battery report against the 30-year-old.

As for the extent of his injuries, we’re told the photog denied medical attention, claiming he only suffered minor injuries. 

After the incident, Braylon adamantly denied ANY WRONGDOING … tweeting, “The reports are blasphemy. Was joking with friends and a guy was filming us. I asked him to delete it, he said no. He wasn’t harmed at all.”

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