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Composed of the same elegance and prestige as Ciroc, Twenty Grand prides itself in bringing something fresh to the vodka industry.

Twenty Grand is a lifestyle that transcends the normal boundaries and takes it to a whole new level. Capturing the true essence of style, sophistication and class, Twenty Grand is all about being you and setting yourself apart from everything. Combining the finest French spirits, Twenty Grand is mixing two distinct spirits into one unique experience. From the first sip to the last drop, Twenty Grand is truly as good as money! (20 Grand Vodka)

To help introduce amateur adults to its mixes, Twenty Grand has released a series of “How To” videos.

Twenty Grand’s a clean, crisp vodka infused with cognac to create a silky smooth flavor with a long sweet fade. The cutting-edge mix offers a natural crossover to people who like cognac and vodka since it tastes great neat or on the rocks. Twenty Grand also mixes superbly in cocktails. To demonstrate some ideas on how to enjoy this unique spirit in a mixed drink, RESPECT. Magazine and Twenty Grand teamed up with Seth Dynomite, one of NYC’s finest bartenders, to give you a lesson in mixology. Watch Seth’s videos and learn how to mix these Twenty Grand cocktails like a pro. (Smoking Section)

Diddy has added to his legacy and bank account with his overnight success in being behind Ciroc.

“Number one is Diddy at $550 million. He’s number one, far and away from everybody else mainly because of Ciroc,” editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg said in an interview. “He’s got this incredible deal backed by beverage giant, Diageo. He gets a huge cut of profits and he’s entitled to a split in profits of any sale of the brand. Second up we have Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s one of the only artists whose making a lot of music actively. He released Watch the Throne last year — so Jay-Z’s right up there.” (Forbes)

Last year, hip-hop mogul Jay Z reportedly launched his own cognac.

Looks like Jay-Z may be expanding his empire to include cognac. Last night in New York at an ultra private event he helped introduce D’usse (pronounced “dew-say”) a cognac being produced by Bacardi that is expected to compete with Hennessy. Don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank to drink this stuff it will go for $44.99 for a 750-ml bottle – but don’t be surprised if there is a super expensive version. Will you buy it off the name drop or do you need a taste? (The LIFE Files)

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