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According to TheBijouStarFiles:

After year’s of denials, accusations and even an arrest, legendary Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee has finally admitted to getting fellatio from transsexuals.  Listen to his emotional interview inside.

Earlier this week the funk hit the fan for the final time when a transsexual by the name of Bimbo Winehouse released a video he secretly taped of his sexual encounter with Mister Cee.  It ultimately led to Cee announcing his resignation from HOT 97.

In an unexpected turn of events this morning Ebro, the program director of Hot 97 in New York City, sat down with Mister Cee for an emotional interview where he admitted to having sexual relations with transsexuals.  He cried as he apologized for letting his radio station and listeners down with his lies. He also said the reason he was afraid to come out with the truth was because he was afraid of the backlash he would receive from the hip hop community, understandably.

Although Cee admitted he likes getting fellatio from MEN dressed as women he said he is NOT GAY…

On having sex with transsexuals

Have I lied about getting head in a car from a transsexual?  Yes.  I have been in denial about this for a very long time.  Do I consider myself gay?  No.  I have gotten fellatio from transvestites.  And that’s as far as it went.  I never had actual sexual intercourse with another man.  Or vice versa.

I know that I love women.  But occasionally I get the urge to have fellatio with a transsexual, a man that looks like a woman. 

On his fear of telling the truth

Am I still going to be looked at the same way?  Am I still going to be…. [breaks down on air] My whole fear of this whole thing of what I’ve been going through–is my family.  I don’t talk about my family much. 

I wonder what the streets are going to say.  Will people still book me?

On reconsidering his resignation from HOT 97

Normally I would be happy for someone coming into their truth but in this situation I feel he is still living a lie.  Although he has broken free from some of his issues he clearly still needs help 

On lying and if he considers himself gay

Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in a car by a transsexual? I have lied about that. I feel bad for the listeners that it did take a video for me to say this because I have been in denial with this for a very, very long time. A very long time. Now the funny part of it, and I know I’m gonna get hit with social media when I say this but I’m gonna say it anyway. Do I consider myself gay? No, I don’t consider myself gay. I do, I have, gotten fellatio, what’s the clean way of saying it, from transvestites. And that’s as far as it went. I’ve never had actual sexual intercourse with another man and vice versa. That’s never been done to me. But I have had fellatio with a transsexual person. That person who I was in the car with, I know exactly who that person is. That video is an old video. Probably like the end of last year.

Now normally I would be happy for someone coming into their truth especially someone in the highly homophobic hip hop community but this situation is different.  I think Cee released only half the truth of what he is internally struggling with.  He hasn’t admitted the truth about his sexuality to himself yet and he will continue to struggle with his reality until he does that.

Hear his entire interview below:

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