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2 Chainz Album Release Party

Thanks to his signature vocals, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has gone on to release two solo albums and has raked in thousands thanks to his numerous guest features, but according to the B.O.A.T.S. 2: #MeTime rapper, his voice is also what caused a botched robbery during his high school years.

While appearing on the Hip Hop sketch comedy show, “Take It Personal,” the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi shared the story of the attempted robbery.

2 Chainz kicked off his story by speaking briefly on another incident, one in which the rapper and friends successfully stole a car. After stealing and then parking the car, 2 Chainz and friends then chopped it up with a Wendy’s employee in the hopes of finding out how much money was in the restaurant’s cash register at any given time.

“We got the car and we parked, after we stole it…So, me and my two friends went back to school the next day after stealing the car,” 2 Chainz explained. “And we talked to one of our homeboys who worked at the Wendy’s…So, we was just like ‘Yo, what’s up man? You be working the register. What’s good?’ We were like, ‘How much usually be in the register’…So, he told us around 6 or 7 it’s like, he might have said $800. But he works the drive-thru window so we’re like ‘So look, we gonna ride through. You got us, right?’ He’s like ‘Yeah.’”

2 Chainz and friends later retrieved the stolen car and proceeded with their robbery attempt. Their attempt quickly crumbled though when the rapper was identified while attempting to order a large lemonade while at the drive-thru intercom.

“So, you know how you can hear people on the inside? So, when he mashed it again I heard another young lady say, ‘That sound like Tauheed.’ Which is my name. My real name,” said the rapper. “So, I shoot past the window and we get a flat tire and then we just get out and start running. So, that never really happened. I don’t even know if the people knew what we were gonna do. We just got the fuck out of there.”

Video of 2 Chainz speaking on his attempted robbery can be found below.

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