DETROITToday’s announcement by the Board of Canvassers concerning the outcome of the recent mayoral primary held in the City of Detroit has created a very grave concern on the part of the citizens of this great city. One of Americas’ founding fathers Thomas Jefferson said, “all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscious to remain silent.” We must not remain silent now that the results are in. According to a report of the Board of Canvassers, the results of the once proclaimed and declared victory of candidate Mike Duggan in the mayoral contest, supposedly the most historic victory of a write in candidate in the history of elections, has now changed. What appeared to be a write in has now caved in, as a major faux pas, mistake, deception, or politrick. Never before in the history of Detroit have the citizens paid witness to such a travesty in the process of a primary election. According to the Board of Canvassers, as a result of the misappropriation of 20,000 votes, the new winner declared in the primary election is now Sherriff Benny Napoleon. The total from the Board of Canvassers:

 Sheriff Benny Napoleon — 28,391 votes; Mike Duggan — 23,970. How did this mistake occur? Who is responsible for this grave error? Why did so much money and so much media appear to side with one candidate over another? Surely it is the right of every citizen and every individual to vote for and advocate for the person of their choice.


The NAACP has long advocated for a fair and open voting process. We cannot advocate in other areas of the nation and not advocate for the same fair process in our own local communities. People of Detroit, deserve better than this. If we are to motivate and stimulate the citizens of our community to engage in the electoral process then they must be certain that the process will be fair, untainted and accessible to everyone. We believe that this recent debacle in the primary election must be investigated. Therefore those who created such an overwhelming discrepancy of the vote must be held accountable. We are calling upon the Department of Justice Civil Rights division, through our congressional representatives, to conduct an investigation into the recent primary election and to provide federal monitors for the upcoming general election to guarantee a process of voting integrity.

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