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It is a known fact that singer/actress Jennifer Hudson’s WWE fiancé absolutely hates being reffered to as “Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé”, but if we had just written David Otunga people would probably be like “who?!?!”. Any who, the wrestler posted a tweet about Wale which reads, “So @wale adds @Rihanna to the remix of. “Bad” and she overshadows him on the song? #RappersluckyKendrickMentionedThem.” Wale has a past of not being able to just let things that occur on social media go, so instead of continuing to scroll through his mentions he decided to strike back at Otunga with this tweet, “@DavidOtunga ur wife overshadowing ur career tho” followed with, “@RealLifeKaz n**** barely on Wwe roster…n**** wrestle on public access channel vs bad news brown.” Twitter is a hot pool of opinion and Wale needs to get on his no worries flow and ignore the negativity!


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