Welp I can’t say I didn’t see this one coming.  Rasheeda is supposedly serving Kirk those divorce papers, but she’s going out with a bang and doing it kinda how he cheated on her…on camera. HAAA! What goes around comes around.

According to MTO:

The Love And Hip op reunion show is being filmed TODAY in New York City . . . and learned that Rasheeda is planning on STRIKING BACK at her cheating husband Kirk Frost.

According to our insider at the show, Rasheeda has ALREADY FILED TO DIVORCE KIRK in Georgia . . . and she plans on serving him with the divorce papers – ON CAMERA. We’re told that the reason for the divorce, is NOT “irreconcilable differences” like MOST divorces, but “infidelity.” We’re told that the papers were filed yesterday UNDER SEAL in Atlanta and that Kirk has “no idea” what she’s going to hit him with today.

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