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2013 H.O.P.E. Inaugural Youth BallYoung Money’s Torion Sellers is reportedly fed up with his situation at Lil Wayne’s star-studded label and has taken legal action to get out of his contract.

According to reports, Sellers is upset mostly because Wayne did not follow through on a promise to drop his debut album last year.

A 15-year-old singer has had it with Young Money and Lil Wayne and wants to jump ship … and he’s asking a court for help. Torion Sellers claims in new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — he auditioned for Lil Wayne when he was only 13 and Wayne immediately saw what he called Torion’s “amazing voice” and “God-given gift and talent.” According to the docs, Wayne signed Torion to Young Money and promised to record and release an album by Spring, 2012. But tick tock, tick tock … still no album more than a year later. (TMZ)

To make matters worse, Sellers cannot join another record company until his Young Money contract is settled.

Torion claims Wayne and company have abandoned him, and he wants out of the contract. He claims Young Money screwed up by forgetting to get court approval of the contract it signed with the kid, and on that basis Torion wants to 86 the deal. Torion believes he will be snatched up by another record label, but no one will touch him until a judge rules the Young Money deal is invalid. (TMZ)

Last summer, Torion spoke to SOHH about how he landed at Young Money.

“This [situation] mostly happened because of my manager. I remember I was at church and performing one day, my father was doing this ceremony. I sat in the crowd at church singing and he saw me and when they finished, he pulled me to the side and was like, “Man, you’ve got a lot of talent. Let me see something.” My manager had found Young Money and from there, it was about two or three weeks until I flew out to Miami to audition. I remember I flew out to Miami to audition and Lil Wayne just accepted me. From there, I auditioned for Birdman and Mack Maine after that. Mostly, they told the whole Young Money family about me and they decided to accept me as the new member of Young Money. I love this hype. It’s great and loving to have someone like [Lil Wayne] around. Lil Wayne is such a great artist and I just appreciate everything that he’s done for me and accepting me in the Young Money family. It’s just a great environment and a great vibe. I am loving the family. I love it. I auditioned, Lil Wayne signed me and now I’m a part of the family.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Wayne broke the news of Sellers joining YMCMB in November 2011.

“Hello world, this is PSA number two. Public service announcement number two” Wayne said in the video. “I got Mack Maine right here. We’re here on behalf of Young Money/Cash Money Records. I want to reveal something new. I want to reveal something needed. I want to reveal something now. I want to reveal something then. I want to reveal the future. Not only the future of Young Money/Cash Money, but the future. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my newest artist. I’m so, so blessed, so appreciative to be able to say I present to you, my new artist, Torion.” (Derick G)

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