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Miami Heat’s LeBron James made sure to get Lil Wayne’s attention last night (June 20) during his NBA Finals post-Game 7 speech with a reference to Weezy’s “No Worries” track.

King James did not fire any shots but did let loose with one of Wayne’s lines.

Last night down in South Beach, Lebron, Mr. Wade, Bird Man, Chris Anderson not Birdman, and the rest of the Miami Heat brought the gold home again. During Lebron’s speech after the game, he took to the mic and payed homage to the great Spurs, spoke about his game, and then managed to quote Lil’ Wayne towards the end of the interview. Congrats to the Miami Heat, now lets look forward to next year. (Stupid Dope)

While Wayne kept silent on LBJ’s comment, his Young Money protégé Nicki Minaj made sure to speak up.

Weezy, who has had his share of, ahem, problems, with ‘Bron’s Miami Heat team, was mums the word on the four-time league MVP throwing around his hip-hop quotable on the national stage, but Nicki Minaj, an apparent basketball fan judging by her in-game Twitter commentary, made sure James’ mention didn’t go without notice in the YMCMB camp. “I AINT GOT NO WORRIES!!!! U betta QUOTE KING WAYNE LEBRON!!!!! @LilTunechi lmfaoooooo,” Nicki tweeted. “Lebron played like he wanted it so he got it. “Hope u cld take the heat like Lebron” Classic Bars from da kid…*sips myx*.” (RapFix)

After the celebation, Young Money’s Drake made sure to kick it with King James and other Miami Heat players at a nearby club.

After the Miami Heat won their second-straight NBA title last night, they retreated to Club Story for the traditional celebration party. At last year’s party, LeBron James wore a shirt with a picture of himself as a vampire on it, and sang on stage alongside Redfoo from LMFAO. This year, perhaps because he was so spent from a grueling seven-game NBA Finals series, he was a bit more passive. He appeared on stage at Story with Dwyane Wade and R&B artist Drake. At one point, they ordered pizza to the stage, and LeBron ate pizza and danced a little bit while Drake took the mic next to him. (Business Insider)

Recently, Wayne apologized for calling out LeBron but stood behind dissing the Heat during an NBA All-Star Weekend concert.

“Yeah, I heard about that, that’s what I want to clear up,” Wayne said in an interview when told the entire city of Miami was upset with him. “First of all, I ain’t have a cup. I can’t drink anything. Actually, I had a little bit too much to ‘think’ that night. Yeah, [laughs], I had too many thoughts on my mind that night but let me start off saying I don’t apologzie for that night. I don’t apologize for being who I am. That’s who I am. This is who I am and yes I did say those things. The only thing I do want to take back from saying that night is I said, ‘F LeBron,’ I didn’t mean to say that because me and LeBron are cool and I know his mom and we have a real good relationship. That’s my homie, it just slipped out. Other than that, I don’t take nothing back and like I said, I don’t apologize for being me. This is who I am. Now do you want an explanation for where all that came from?” (99 Jamz)

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