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Rihanna is crazy as she wants to be! So she took it upon herself to go upside a fan’s head after they pulled her arm one to many times at her concert in Birmingham  U.K.

Rihanna knows people love to sue superstars so her choice to hit the fan who got to excited may backfire on her.  I understand she’s a human and when you think someone is violating you your natural reaction is to defend yourself but that is only if you’re not escorted by three 10 foot security guards. I mean isn’t that their jobs to hit fans on the head?

Anyway Rihanna thought it was pretty funny because you can see her laughing and sticking her tongue out right after her altercation.  We’ll see who’s laughing after she gets served with those lawusit papers.  Especially since it was all caught on camera.

Watch the video below:

Via: TheBijouStarFiles

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