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Author/Motivational Speaker Leads Youth Down a Path To Dignity and Fulfillment.

Detroit, MI — They said it couldn’t  be done. When journalist, Denise Crittendon, first began writing empowerment books for youth, more than one acquaintance doubted her new mission. Young people, they said, would not be drawn to a manual that offered advice and talked about the power of positive thinking.


 Eleven years later, Crittendon is still proving the naysayers wrong. Her first book, Girl In The Mirror, A Teen’s Guide To Self Awareness, sold more than 20,000 copies and impacted the lives of countless middle school and high school girls in Detroit and beyond. Now the self-proclaimed, youth motivational speaker is taking her teens-with-a-good-attitude movement a step further.


 In her latest effort, Life Is A Party That Comes With Exams, she’s reaching out to guys as well as girls – ages 13 through young adulthood. It’s not an ordinary task but then, Life Is A Party is not an ordinary book. This time around, Crittendon uses video game imagery, sports, music and dancing to attract the attention of today’s high tech generation.


Her chapter titles include “Stop Hating and Start Playing,” “Dance To Your Own Beat,” and “If You’re So Cool, Why Are You Playing Follow The Leader?” Her message is just as lively. For instance, she writes:

“Words and thoughts are so powerful …they are like electrical forces, creating and attracting all that you think and feel. “ And she writes: “You’re not behaving responsibly when you let anger rush into your mind like a burglar and kick in the doors that lead to your common sense.”  Or, as she puts it: “When we’re moving ahead in either life or a race, we’re zooming. Our adrenalin is flowing, our hearts are beating furiously.  At a time like that, we can’t afford to get lost in thought about things that don’t matter, can we? The only thing that matters is that we keep our eyes on our own road. That means your road. That means your lane.”


So far, the book is a hit among those who have read it – young and old. Teachers, students and parents have given it two, big thumbs up. Ebony Magazine calls it a “wonderful way to subtly reinforce, savvy life lessons” and TV Judge Greg Mathis describes it as an “upbeat way to teach the principles of success.”

 As for Crittendon, the former Detroit News staff writer and past editor of the NAACP’s Crisis magazine says she’s throwing verbal lifelines to 21st century urban youth: the proverbial bullies, the outcasts and the troubled kids, as well as honor students and emerging leaders. Her goal? To get young people to believe in their own personal power.

“No one thinks inside of your mind but you,” she tells them. “Think whatever you want. Don’t let others tell you who you are or what you can or can’t do.”                   

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