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D. Woods down for a Danity Kane Reunion?

News broke last week that Diddy’s ‘Making The Band’ girl group Danity Kane was reuniting after disbanding in 2008.  All the girls were there to reunite during a lunch meeting in Los Angeles except for D. Woods.  Surprisingly even Dawn Richards was present and she has most recently been pursuing a solo career so of course eyebrows raised as to why D. Woods was the only one who didn’t seem to get the reunion memo.

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Now y’all know I can smell some drama a mile away so of course I had to make a few calls so I could get D. Woods on my #GLAMRADIO show on HOT 107.5 to fully clear the air on everything from the reunion without her to the group’s beef with Diddy and if she wants to be in Danity Kane again.

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During our conversation I thought D. Woods was extremely sweet but I could tell she was trained on how to do interviews without saying anything she would later regret.  She was very politically correct choosing how she stated her opinions about certain people very carefully.  D. Woods clearly realizes that burning bridges in this game won’t get you anywhere but to the nearest welfare office so I can respect that but I wasn’t letting her off that easy.  I was able to get her full side of the reunion story including how she found out about the group getting back together (which may surprise you) and most importantly I got her to admit that she WOULD consider reuniting with the group again!

Listen to our full interview below:

On a side note: D. Woods was one of my favs in the group and she gave them a bit of an edge that I think made them a well rounded girl group so I wouldn’t be mad if she gave that girl group life another shot.


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