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Chris Brown’s daddy is either looking for his 15 minutes of fame or trying to get a message across to his son with his latest interview.  The only problem is his opinions and honesty I’m sure would have been better received on a private father-son phone call.  Sheesh! See what Chris’s dad had to say about Rihanna and the girl he wishes his son was with inside

Well if  Chris Brown and his father, 48-year-old Clinton Brown, never had any issues before, I guarantee this interview is sure to bring some tension into their relationship.

“I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together…You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.”

It doesn’t stop there either. He is afraid his son’s wild ways may end in tragedy.

“I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse — I mean I could go on and on!…“Is that a given — that you can’t have fortune and fame without (death) being the end result?” READ MORE

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