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Source: HipHopDx.xom

Exclusive: The always-candid Danny Brown admits that when he was down and out, Detroit wasn’t there for him. He adds, “I’m not about repping Detroit, I’m about getting the fuck up out of Detroit.”

Danny Brown’s calling card is the fact that he’s so unlike other rappers he may run with, but according to the Detroit, Michigan native, he’s always been that way. Perhaps part of the confidence comes from always having known what he was supposed to be doing. “I was born a musician,” he tells HipHopDX, at a recent Adidas Originals show in Atlanta, Georgia. “The only reason I am the way that I am is because of my environment. If I was born a White boy in the suburbs, I would’ve been a Rock musician. At the end of the day I would’ve made music no matter what, I’m musically talented.” DX caught up with Fools Gold Records emcee after his show in East Atlanta and he gave details on what makes him an original in a sea of Rap cats.

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Brown says that his fashion choices have a lot to do with it, since his first pair of adidas in the seventh grade. “At that time [in 1993] shelltoes were cracking,” he says. “But really? Niggas was wearing low-top black and white or low=top white and black but me, I was being different by getting the mid-cut navy blue and white.”

Having a certain edge has been a major selling point for the XXX creator but he vows that it was never anything contrived. “I’ve never had the conversation with myself to say [I’m going to be ‘different’], I just did shit,” he shares with a laugh. “Even when I was selling drugs, or whatever I did before Rap was just a part of where I’m from. It had nothing to do with my actual dreams and shit. That ain’t me, ‘cause I mean, I ain’t doing that no more. So that really wasn’t me, it’s just that was what I was around.”

“If you’re born with a fucking basketball rim in your backyard,” he adds, “You’re gonna shoot some jumpers every now and then. They were selling crack on my front porch, of course I’ma sell a few rocks.”

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