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Nicki Minaj KMart "Shop Your Way" Launch Party

Young Money star Nicki Minaj recently talked about her rise to the top of the hip-hop game and, notably, why she made sure her legs stayed closed in the long journey.

Despite steamy pre-fame lyrics which could suggest otherwise, Minaj said she never used her body to gain leverage on anyone or to help elevate her career.

“When I started being around Young Money, Wayne thought I was shy, but it wasn’t that I was shy, I just didn’t want anybody to think I was easy. No matter what my lyrics were saying, when I got around these guys, I was a prude, because I didn’t want anyone in this game to ever be able to say ‘I had s*x with her’ or ‘when she needed a deal, she had to…’ No,” Nicki explained in an interview. “And ’til this day, not one single man in this industry can say that and I pride myself on that. That’s the only bit of advice I would give the up-and-coming female rappers. You could be as sexy as you want, but just maintain your dignity around these guys.” (MTV)

Back in December, the self-proclaimed “Barbie” talked about her early grind days.

“It feels pretty amazing to me to judge. I’m still getting used to it and it’s inspiring to kind of feel like you’re finding someone right before they become a superstar and hopefully you’re gonna help to mold that journey and help to make them a better artist. I’m excited for the chance that I get to come here. I have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. My journey began in New York City. I was on the underground circuit of hip-hop culture and doing everything I possibly could to get myself seen and uploading music online and I was doing a lot of writing, locking myself in a room for hours at a time. Eventually the right person came along and the rest was pretty history. I’ve been told no a billion times and I think it’s very important you have someone that knows what it’s like to be disappointed and have to try again, and that’s a big part of the audition process.” (“American Idol” Promo)

Minaj has kept busy as of late, recently hooking up with Beats By Dre.

Dr. Dre revolutionized the headphones industry when he launched Beats by Dr. Dre in 2008 and now the rap impresario is set to do it again with his Beats By Dr. Dre Pill Speaker. Lending a hand (or an ear, as the case were) is Nicki Minaj, who fronts a special Pretty in Pink edition of the portable Bluetooth speaker and ETonline is proud to bring you the exclusive first look at over 2 minutes of behind the scenes footage from her commercial! (Entertainment Tonight)

She also issued a statement to let everyone know the hype is real.

“I am so excited about this product. It’s something I actually use. It’s a little tiny speaker that I can travel with yet the sound is incredibly loud and rich,” Nicki Minaj said in a statement. “I knew the Barbz would not only love it, but that they’d want it in pink! So, here ya go barbz!!!! My PINK PILL!” (Statement)

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