Now this is getting out of hand.  I knew that Deion was probably going to try to hide his money during his divorce proceedings because that is usually what happens in high profile divorces with wealthy people but to get advice from the Bishop, now that is just scandalous. What is even more scandalous is how this whole story is coming out!

Supposedly there was a meeting between Deion and world renowned mega church Bishop T.D. Jakes at gospel star Fred Hammond’s home. Now here is where it gets super messy-Fred’s now ex-girlfriend Nikki Sanni was in the home at the same time and is coming out claiming that she overheard a conversation where Bishop Jakes was telling Deion how to hide his estimated $250 million from his ex-wife Pilar’s lawyers in an effort to save him from a huge loss in his divorce. Oooooooh!

Nikki Sanni pictured below with Fred Hammond:

Ok so Deion did end up coming out on top in his divorce getting primary custody of the couple’s 3 sons and only giving Pilar $1 million as stated in their prenup. But now that this story has come out it could change everything and Pilar has clearly gotten wind of it because she tweeted a commented directly at the Bishop: READ MORE