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E-40 Hollywood Album Release Party

G-Unit’s 40 Glocc is sticking ex-member Game for the paper as new reports claim the 50 Cent affiliate wants over $4 million for being physically assaulted last summer.

Details of the hefty lawsuit surfaced across the Internet Monday (March 11).

Rapper 40 Glocc is gunning for $4.5 MILLION … and his target is The Game. TMZ broke the story … Glocc sued Game over a street fight between the two rappers, which went down in July outside a Hollywood Hills mansion. Game subsequently posted footage of the brawl on YouTube, showing him whaling on Glocc. At the time Glocc filed the suit, he didn’t specify how much he wanted, but now we know. Glocc just filed legal docs demanding a cool $4.54 million. (TMZ)

A majority of the $4.5 million comes solely off punitive damages.

Here’s the breakdown: — $500,000 in pain and suffering — $500,000 in emotional distress — $750,000 in lost earnings — $2 million for punitive damages — $25,000 in medical expenses — Various other stuff (TMZ)

Last fall, Game briefly spoke on what went down and said 40 sprinkled some lies into how the altercation really happened.

“I smashed him, smashed him,” Game said when asked about the 40 Glocc situation. “You gotta break it down, man, you gotta break it down. I smashed him. He said he got smashed. Little fabrication in there, he said we pulled weapons out and he got jumped. We’ll be back, man. Don’t worry about it.” (Funkmaster Flex Show)

Shortly after the fight took place, 40 accused Game of altering the leaked fight footage to enhance his street image.

“Everybody know I don’t go out like that,” Glocc told radio host Bootleg Kev. “I’m obviously held down at gunpoint, you know, it is what it is. I got jumped, all that footage is edited. I got jumped like three times. They sliced up footage of the edit, they made sure they cut everybody out that was jumping. But if you look at it, you see the feet, you see the people they was clipping the scenes. … Dealing with street stuff, you just gotta take it for what it is. But it’s not street stuff no more when you’re taking it and want to take it viral to boost your image like you punking somebody. He knows in my natural state, when I was ready to fight back, they rushed me again. … It was all them swining on me right there. It is what it is — it was really nothing I could do with that. But as far as the streets, he took it from being street when he took it viral and tried to use it to boost his image as far as him punking somebody.” (Power 98.3)

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