Mattel, Inc., which owns the Barbie brand, said Monday the doll whose image is being circulated on the Internet was not made or sold by them.

FALSE:  This is the new African-American Barbie.

In a statement to MSN News Monday, Mattel, Inc., which owns the Barbie brand, said that the doll in the picture above “is not a Barbie doll and is not created or sold by Mattel.”

Barbie-like image surfaces online

An image of an African-American Barbie look-alike is being circulated on the Internet, giving rise to the speculation that it’s the next African-American Barbie.

The doll has blonde hair and gold chains, and sports not one but two bags monogrammed with the Louis Vuitton insignia.

It also wears a brown cowl-necked top that shows more than a hint of cleavage.

Internet Outrage

The image has sparked outrage on the Internet, with many finding it offensive., an Internet newspaper for young Nigerians, said that the doll strongly resembled “imagery of African-American women that is seen in some of the most famous celebrities,” such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

It’s not clear where the image originated. MSN News found it on the Facebook page of R&B radio station WBLS 107.5 and is waiting for a comment from them.

“Is this the true essence of our beauty and how America perceives the black woman?” the station asked under a picture of the doll.

The post has generated more than 1,730 comments so far.

“Looks like Nicki Minaj. But it is offensive with stereotypes of dyed hair, designer purses, and gold chains,” wrote Latisha Elliot-Gayle.

Other’s defended the doll.

“I don’t find this Barbie offensive,” wrote Keisha Hill-Davis. “I think the doll is pretty and represents how a lot of black women carry themselves today. I’m so sick of everything being turned into a racial debate.”


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