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The VH1 Save The Music Foundation's "Songwriter Music Series" With Swizz Beats

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Source: Sohh.com

Mega producer Swizz Beatz recently discussed the war of words between Meek Mill/Cassidy and gave his take on his one-time labelmate’s “R.A.I.D.” diss track.

While he would not pick sides, Swizzy said the chances of Meek responding are slim to none.

On a hip-hop note, what do you think about Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D.” diss to Meek Mill? That’s how he felt. His passion is rapping and battling and I think he said everything that he meant. Was your response like “oh my God?” I’m used to it. I been around battling all my life. It’s a creative sport. You think Meek’s gonna come back at him? I doubt it. I don’t think he’s gonna respond. (Global Grind)

Before tensions boiled over, Swizzy predicted who would likely win in a rap battle.

“I’d put my money Cass just because I’m a loyal person,” Swizzy said when asked who he felt had a better shot at winning in a rap battle. “Cass is somebody that I groomed, put a lot of time into, just off of [general purpose] and loyalty, I’d put my money on Cassidy. 100 percent.” (RapFix)

A few days ago, Meek called out Cass and said he could not return to their Philadelphia hometown.

“He can’t come back to the city. Really. Last five times he been back to the city he was back here with me or either Ar-Ab,” Meek said in an interview. “He ain’t addressed everything Ar-Ab said in none of his raps because he won’t address it, he scared to address it. He won’t dare address that. And Ar-Ab ain’t saying nothing new he been saying sh*t like this. He only saying it because of the camera.” (Hip Hop Since 1987)

Earlier this month, Cass boasted about his battle rap readiness.

“I’ve been in over 5,000 battles and I’ve never lost. I don’t plan on losing. If you know that information, you should know not to play around with a dude like me,” he added. “I’m confident in myself and he should be confident in himself. I mean, not against me. Comparing himself with me, he definitely shouldn’t be confident. But he should be confident in himself. So this is just bringing excitement back in the game. I know rappers that’s out with hit songs right now calling me up saying they ain’t been this excited in years. So it’s good for Hip Hop and I just want to keep it like that.” (Hot 107.9)

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