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“Suppress the vote. Void the union contacts and kill the unions. – Here in Michigan we are like lambs being lead to the slaughter. It’s time we stood up!”

The people of the state of Michigan recently signed enough petitions to put the Emergency Financial Manager Law up to a vote. You know, the law that gets rid of elected officials and union contracts. But after the petitions were filed, 2 republicans on the Board of Canvassers refused to put the law on the ballot saying the type size on the petition was not big enough.

It got me to thinking. All the places that Gov. Snyder has appointed an emergency financial manager are urban – black and Democratic.

Pontiac, Highland Park, Benton Harbor, Flint, Detroit? Hmmm.

Take over heavily Democratic cities, suppress the vote, Void the union contracts and kill the unions. When they did this in Wisconsin the people rebelled. But, here in Michigan, we’ve been beaten down for so long, we’re like lambs being led to the slaughter.

It’s time we stood up, Remember, if you don’t stand for something, You end up standing for nothing.

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