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20319712_BG1(WJBK) -Well known attorney and former Democratic nominee for Michigan Governor Geoffrey Fieger has jumped into the political debate over ‘Right to Work with a new radio spot.On Tuesday he launched a commercial criticizing the new legislation passed by the Michigan Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

He joined Murray Feldman on FOX 2 News at 5:30 to discuss the ad and the controversy in Lansing.

Radio Ad: “I think we have only ourselves to blame. After all we created where every single state office is controlled by Republicans and the rich benefactors. This isn’t about freedom, this is about pure greed. This is about taking away our freedoms. Do we really want to be taken back to a time when workers had no voice and were literally owned by the corporations? God help Michigan.”

Fieger said, “It’s a sad day in my lifetime. In the last 100 years, Murray, I don’t think any politician in the state of Michigan has done something as devisive, as obscene as malignantly reactive and devisive as regressive as what happened in Michigan today.”

When asked what he hopes to gain by the radio commercial Fieger said, “Simply to point out two things. One that this claim that this is about freedom is a total lie. This is about greed, this is about union busting. This is about making workers, work for less at a wage half what they might make under unions. This is about reducing the powers of the union. And to point out that we did this to ourselves. We elected a one party state.”

Asked if he could do a better job as a politician Fieger said their are better candidates up there.

But he said “What we’ve seen is the demise of the Republican Party here in Michigan.”

Originally published on My Fox Detroit


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