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QUESTION: How far would you go to get the best black Friday deals?

8 guys camping out 8 days for Best Buy Black Friday deals




ALLEN PARK, Mich. (WJBK) — They call him “Smiley” and he’s orchestrated a temporary tent city outside the Allen Park Best Buy where he and his friends are living in line until the doors open at midnight on Black Friday.

“The hardest part, I’d say, is probably just sleeping at night and waking up to random people asking if you’re really inside that tent,” said Ali “Smiley” Bazzi.

So what do they do while they’re waiting?

“We play cards most of time.  Play Monopoly some times,” Bazzi explained.

Eight guys waiting in line for eight days sounds extreme, but you might do it too if…

“My boss wants something, too.  He wants a TV, so he’s paying for the TV and he’s putting me on the clock so I get paid,” said Hassan Khalaf.

Smiley is a chef at L.A. Bistro in Dearborn and as soon as his boss heard what he was doing, he gave him a shopping list and the time off.

“Smiley’s a little businessman.  He likes to make money on the side for everything that he does.  So everything that he’s buying is not actually for free because we’re paying him a little bit extra for getting stuff for us,” said Soheil Johair, Smiley’s boss.

The Best Buy Black Friday deals are like steals, which have the curious stopping and considering a place in line.

“I don’t understand why wouldn’t they do this because you get great deals and we have a lot of fun,” Khalaf said.

“We want to be those crazy kids.  We want to be those goofballs that do stupid things to save a couple dollars,” Bazzi said.

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