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Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill has apparently responded to former comrade Cassidy’s new “Diary of a Hustla” diss record and called it a nice start to their battle.

Although he did not address Cass directly, Meek appeared to laugh at the rapper’s diss track.

“That had 2 b a warm up! Lol,” Meek tweeted November 15th. (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

“@MeekMill I f*ck with you on some real sh*t, but Cassidy went in on that diss “Diary Of A Hustla”.,” Twitter user @SamDhaillest tweeted in response to Meek.

“RT @MeekMill That had 2 b a warm up! Lol — what u got then??? We waiting for the response homes,” Twitter user @DJCrazyC tweeted in response to Meek.

On Cass’ record, he takes multiple swipes at Meek’s street credibility.

Now, Cassidy has taken the beef to wax, releasing a diss track titled “The Diary of a Hustla.” On the song, he claims that Meek lives a lifestyle opposite of what he portrays and adds in a few low blows. “Don’t believe this n*gga hustlin’, this n*gga bluffin’ / Look him in his eyes, the only time he cookin’ pies is in the kitchen oven,” he raps. “His fake a** better break fast before he get his food ate like an Egg McMuffin / He ain’t the only n*gga f*ckin’ that chick he cuffin.” (HHDX)

The war of words sparked after Cass boasted about his contributions as a Philadelphia hip-hop artist.

“I been popping for over a decade! N*ggas get 1 year in and get carried away.. I paved the way for these dudes.. N*ggas is scared! That would be the easiest 100k I ever made in my life.. It’s like taking candy from a baby..,” Cass tweeted November 15th.

“F*ck all this tweeting and sh*t.. Put that sh*t in a rap, battle me, and get your f*cking head bit off..” (Cassidy’s Twitter)

Meek then proceeded to unload an army’s worth of disses back at Cass.

“Why n*ggas Tryna pump Cassidy 2 battle I said I wanted him and Mook 2 battle…a battle I wanted 2 c..he gotta get poppin first 2 battle me!,” Meek tweeted.

“You can’t pave the way wit “come 2 my hotel” @CASSIDY_LARSINY”

“And ya swagg corny as sh*t u don’t even represent Philly n*ggas right n*gga! @CASSIDY_LARSINY paced the way!”

“N*ggaz wanna battle “get a single popping and ill do it for free!”

“If n*ggas wanna get popping ill do it! Lol”

“From now on I’m not letting these n*ggas talk about sh*t in they raps they not about…I’ma start exposing y’all weirdos lol” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

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