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How many movies about the gruesome Civil War and the ethical wrongness of slavery have you seen?


So when Steven Spielberg decided to direct a film about the president who ended all that and changed American history, of course he had to take a different angle.

In “Lincoln” Spielberg taps Daniel Day-Lewis to portray Honest Abe. Lewis, who is 6’2”, physically epitomizes Lincoln, who was 6’4”. With his wooly beard, salt-and-pepper hair and top hat, Lewis resurrects the 16th president.

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While the movie’s over-arching concept is about freeing the slaves and ending the war, Spielberg doesn’t focus a lot of time on what life was like for Black people during the 1860s. Slavery gets treated like Judie from “Family Matters.” She goes upstairs, so you know she’s there, but never comes back. So, in some aspects it is a Black film, but the concept of slavery is almost a distant supporting cast member.

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