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Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons has offered his take on this week’s Hurricane Sandy disaster, specifically pointing out the toll it took on New York City’s homeless.

Although he has respect for New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Siimmons scolded the government official’s lack of efficiency in handling disaster efforts.

Russell Simmons says the homeless people who live in NYC are totally “f**ked” … after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the city … and now he’s placing the blame on Mayor Bloomberg. Simmons says he’s grateful he was in L.A. during the storm, but says he’s positive some of his properties sustained damage — “My pad in the Hamptons might be twisted.” But when we brought up New York’s homeless population, Russell couldn’t have been more blunt — “They’re f**cked … it’s terrible.” “I mean I love Mayor Bloomberg,” Simmons said … “But he did a sh**ty job with the homeless … and now look at the mess … really, I don’t know what to say.” (TMZ)

Yesterday, fellow rap mogul Ice-T’s wife Coco released a Hurricane Sandy video report.

As millions of people in the Northeast lost power and watched as the streets began to flood , Coco was reporting on Hurricane Sandy (now re-named Superstorm Sandy) from her balcony in Edgewater, New Jersey. The reality star and wife of rapper Ice-T braved the high winds in a hot pink tracksuit and lowcut tank top to give fans her account of the dangerous storm. “The wind is crazy,” she says as her hair and jacket is blown around. “The wind is pushing drops in your eyes. I am soaked. It is bizarre. It’s cool but scary at the same time.” (Huffington Post)

Even Boot Camp Clik’s Sean Price used Sandy as an opportunity to promote his new Mic Tyson solo album.

In one of the funniest album promos we’ve seen in a long time, Brooklyn MC Sean Price braved Hurricane Sandy to let his fans know that his album “Mic Tyson” would still be dropping today. Dressed in a scully and goggles on the Canarsie Pier, Sean P gave a pubic service announcement for everyone in the ‘hood who wasn’t able to evacuate their building. “This just in…and I quote…yo, son Popeye’s is closed, McDonald’s is closed, Starbucks is closed, but Kennedy’s Fried Chicken on Saratoga is open!” (The Urban Daily)

While schools and public transportation remain suspended in the Tri-State, some businesses have started to re-open.

Businesses and services in the north-eastern US are starting to reopen on Wednesday after two days of closure forced by storm Sandy. Flights have resumed to airports in New York. Some federal offices, schools and Wall Street has reopened. But many homes still have no power and the New York subway remains shut. More than 40 people are dead. President Barack Obama, who has put campaigning on hold, is due to visit affected areas in New Jersey. The cost of clearing up after the storm has been estimated at $30-40bn (£18-24bn). New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said: “We have not seen damage like this in a generation.” (BBC News)

Check out Coco’s Hurricane Sandy coverage below:

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