2012 Michigan Ballot Issues

The manner in which these crucial ballot issues are written is extremely misleading. All voters should research the impact of a yes or a no vote. All of these proposals would require amendments to the Michigan Constitution. Our Constitution is the general framework under which our government functions and those basic principles should be upheld. While it is possible for an amendment to be made to the Constitution it is a very serious matter. Once an amendment is passed it is difficult to reverse and voters should study each issue carefully and consider the long term impact.

The following attempts to position each proposal. We also urge citizens to research these issues on the internet for a deeper perspective.

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Proposal 1

If you want to keep the emergency financial manager law already passed previously vote YES on this. If you want to undo it vote NO.

Proposal 2

If you want to amend the Michigan Constitution to force collective bargaining as a law vote YES. If you do not want collective bargaining forced on all workers and businesses vote NO.

Proposal 3

If you want to force utility companies to deliver 25% of their electricity from clean renewable energy sources vote YES. Right now the law requires them to deliver 10% of their electricity from clean renewable energy sources and taxpayers pay a surcharge for it. If you do not want increase the percentage required from 10% to 25% vote NO.

Proposal 4

If you want to establish a Michigan Quality Home Council that oversees health care providers, establishes training requirements and includes collective bargaining rights vote YES. If you are satisfied with the quality of home health care available now and do not want collective bargaining forced on workers vote NO.

Proposal 5

If you want to prohibit the imposition of new or additional taxes or expansion of the base of taxation by requiring a 2/3 majority vote by the legislature or a statewide vote of the people vote YES. If you do not want to change the current laws governing our state regarding taxation vote NO.

Proposal 6

If you want any plan for the State of Michigan to construct or finance new international bridges or tunnels for motor vehicles to require a vote of the people first vote YES. A YES vote will make it easier for the owners of the Ambassador bridge to block or stall the construction of a second bridge. If you believe the State of Michigan should be free to make these decisions under the current laws as they are now written in the constitution vote NO. A NO vote will make it easier to get a second bridge built sooner.

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