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Days after Roc Nation’s J. Cole allegedly dissed fellow emcee Diggy Simmons during a live concert performance, the teenage rhyme spitter has lashed back with a new record titled “Fall Down.”

On the new record, Simmons wastes no time in making sure listeners realize it is not a subliminal diss.

On the new track “Fall Down,” which Diggy premiered on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Monday (September 17), he dedicated a few lines to his feelings about Cole. “I guess I rattled you, snaggletooth/You know better/Thought J stood for Jermaine, not Jet Setter/You seen me and shook my hand, coppin’ pleas in person,” he spits, likely addressing reports that they squashed the beef in person. “Now you whack, less than a man, mention me in verses. Sneak disses and jabs, I don’t really see the benefit/But I guess you lame enough, probably keep you relevant.” The highlight of Cole’s retaliation was this line: “Picture me hating on a young ni— with talent…caked out on his allowance.” Now we wait to see if he honors this one with a response. (RapFix)

Reports of Cole taking a swipe at Diggy in a freestyle hit the Internet last week.

It’s not necessary to watch this full video. In short, J. Cole hops on stage during Kendrick Lamar’s set of the BET Music Matters tour stop in North Carolina and debuts a new verse that’s chock full o’ subliminals. “The game need balance Woke up this morning to the rumors of n*ggas wildin’ Picture me hatin’ on a young n*gga with talent Album flopped but it’s cool, he caked out on his allowance (Smoking Section)

Back in late May, Cole killed the idea of having a so-called “beef” with Diggy.

“There’s nothing going on. I’m not even thinking about it,” Cole said in an interview with DJ Drama. “What am I gonna go beat Diggy up? It’s not gonna happen. It’s Diggy Simmons, just remember this. He’s good, he’s talented, but he’s a kid. I was really surprised when people were making that an issue. That’s not the type of beef you want to be involved in.” (Drama Like The DJ)

Over the spring, Diggy came forward to explain his leaked “What You Say To Me” diss track aimed at Cole.

“[There’s] no big story behind it, it was really just that my sister [Vanessa] over a year ago told me that [J. Cole] was saying that he did this, that and third with her, ‘cus they went to the same college, but they didn’t really know each other like that, so it wasn’t like that,” he said. “She also told me that he subliminally talked about her in a song called ‘Purple Rain,’ which was also false. So it was just me sticking up for my family, that’s all that it really was. I didn’t even leak it, it got leaked last night while I was at the movies…I did that record last year…I was gonna put it out, but I didn’t feel like it was appropriate, but of course, that’s my sister…family over everything. [My dad Reverend Run] had already heard the track and he was like the same thing: ‘Family over everything, that’s your sister,’ so he wasn’t mad at all.” (99.1 FM)

Check out “Fall Down” below:

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