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Bad Boy Records Cassie let a Twitter heckler get under her skin this week and publicly lashed out after getting accused of sleeping with her label head Diddy.

Despite the tweeter only having 20 followers, Cass still went at the person’s neck.

“shut the fuuuuu*k up. U just took 5 minutes to think about & write that. Sit down. Thank you. You are muted. #notinthemoodtoday @xHarajukux: Poor @cassiesuper thinking the blogs or anybody for that matter cares that much about her outside of the weirdo f*cking her old a** boss.,” she tweeted on Labor Day.

“Done now. Thank you for listening. Spa day before work this week. Yes, a b*tch has a job” (Cassie’s Twitter)

The Twitter heckler continued to taunt Cassie and made further allegations about her relationship to Puffy.

“@CassieSuper Mod?? Go serve Diddy his Viagra and hush nasty child prostitute. You brought this all on yourself.,” @xHarajukux tweeted September 3rd.

“@CassieSuper Gorl. You are fuming. Get off twitter and go suck Diddy’s wrinkly p*nis for a record that ain’t never coming out :”””'(”

“F*cking death at the 2 only members of the Cassie fan club trying to come for me in my mentions. I can’t :”'(”

“H*e’s are always extra sensitive about their h*edom.”

“@CassieSuper Following Diddy around for f*ck and suck isn’t a job.”

“Lol at people acting like getting muted by CASSIE is a big deal. That’s like getting muted by the girl who works at Jamba Juice. Like ok??” (xHarjukux’s Twitter)

Last year, alleged intimate photos of Puffy and Cassie hit the Internet.

Media Takeout got these kinda blurry, real watermarked photos of naked Cassie getting smooched by towel-draped Diddy and we are hoping that somehow this will snowball the release of her much delayed album Electro Love. “Official Girl” came out in 2008! Diddy seems like a fair dude, doesn’t want to make the Bad Boy people speed up the boss’ girl’s project ahead of other more pertinent moneymakers, so he has always been just a little coy about their relationship. But hopefully now there is someone at the label with the right combination of executive pull and extreme sycophancy to upstream the priority. We want this record for the summer, please make it happen. (The FADER)

In the past Cassie has denied rumors of carrying Diddy’s baby.

“Come on people!,” she wrote on Twitter in January 2010. “I still have weight on from the holiday & on top of that, I’m on my period. TMI I know…. lolol!! Not preggers kiddies!! :)” (Cassie’s Twitter)

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