In an interview with the New York Post, Tyra Banks revealed that she once completed ending her famed reality series America’s Next Top Model. Was it because it’s been on for eons now and it’s time for something else? No, and don’t think I peep the shade in that sentiment.

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Actually, Tyra says she simply was feeling overwhelmed by all the work that goes into the show.

Via the Post:

“I’ve thought about turning the reigns over,” she tells The Post. “I had to be reminded that [ the show ] is my baby. A few years ago, I was willing to give my baby up for adoption!”

The former model, 38, says she has now engaged a personal, executive coach to help her cope with the pressures of running a global modeling empire.

“I am learning how to delegate, and how to empower people,” she says. “It has decreased my stress more. Now we are going to be producing so much more television.

“I didn’t produce more TV because I am so much a mico-manager, hands on. But now, I realize that in order to truly grow, I have to delegate and find amazing people that are better at it than me.”

Tyra has since cleaned house on the show – staffing it with all new judges to give it a new flavor.

However, eventually, she’d like to see the show go on without her:

“We have 24 formats around the Globe that don’t have me,” she says. “So (in this country), I would hope so.”

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