While sexy R&B singer Rihanna has nabbed many of the headlines for the upcoming Battleship film (and who could blame us?) there are some key contributors to the film that deserve as much recognition, if not more.

NERD ALERT: Rihanna Autographs “Battleship” Game For Fan [PHOTO]

Lieutenant Colonel Greg Gadson is not only an actor in one of this Summer’s biggest action movies, playing “Mick Canales,” he is an actual decorated Army commander who served in Iraq. In 2007 Gadson lost both of his legs when his car was hit by a roadside bomb.  When the creators of Battleship wanted to include a character who  had been wounded in the film, Gadson’s story of recovery made him ideal.

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In this behind the scenes look, we find out how the first-time actor took on the challenges of a major motion picture and what he taught the cast and crew about tenacity and perseverance.

Rihanna Plays Weapons Officer in Upcoming Battleship Movie

Battleship hits theaters this Friday May 18th!

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