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The family of late rap mogul Tupac Shakur has come forward to clear the air on recent homophobic accusations made by former Death Row Records owner Suge Knight, claiming he was not anti-gay.

According to Pac’s family members, he was far from homophobic.

Tupac Shakur’s family members believe Suge Knight is dead wrong — the rapper couldn’t have been a homophobe … because he was GREAT friends with Gianni Versace. Suge has been on a media blitz recently … telling multiple radio stations 2pac ended his professional relationship with a famous hip hop star because Suge believed the rapper was a gay man. But sources close to the Tupac estate tell TMZ … the Shakur family feels very strongly that Suge’s claims are “totally false” … and point to his friendship with the famous designer Gianni Versace, who was an openly gay man. In fact, Tupac reportedly participated in a Versace fashion show in Italy back in 1996 … and even rocked a Versace suit on the catwalk. (TMZ)

Recently, Knight blasted ex-affiliate Dr. Dre and accused him of being gay.

“Ninety-five percent of them is closet cases,” Knight told radio host Howard Stern when asked about homosexual rappers. “I wouldn’t say ninety-five percent because I don’t know all of them, I know the ones that was on my label [Death Row] was like that — recently, [Dr.] Dre went to my P.O. and tried to get me violated, he snitched on me. I haven’t even seen the guy since I’ve been home. I’m on parole — anyway, he went to my P.O. … He basically put a restraining order on me. Only people I know put a restraining order on somebody, unless it’s a battered woman, wife, baby mama, I don’t know a so-called gangster rapper going to put a restraining order against another man. I’m saying he’s gay because there’s a guy named Bruce and they’ve been together for years.” (“The Howard Stern Show”)

Suge then went on to bring up an alleged meeting where Pac went off on Dre’s sexuality.

“We had meetings in the red room and once we had these meetings, you had to put everything on the table. Everybody had some drinks and wasn’t nobody lying. Anybody got caught lying, it was always a consequence. So Tupac stood up and said, ‘I’m tired of this, I’m tired of this. Dre, you’s a f*ggot.’ Dre said, ‘First of all, I’m not a f*ggot.’ He said, ‘OK, then you’re a homosexual.’ He said, ‘I’m not a homosexual.’ …. Dre, you’s a f*ggot.” (“The Howard Stern Show”)

Last month, the former Death Row Recods music executive considered the possibility of Pac not dying in September 1996.

“Maybe the question is … Pac’s not really dead … Pac’s somewhere else,” Knight said in an interview. “Nobody seen Tupac dead. … The person who supposedly cremated Tupac … this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me … cash … and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again … he retired and left.” (KDAY)


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