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Young Money rapper Tyga is currently catching ample heat after using slain 17 year-old Trayvon Martin as a punchline in his new “Designer” record.

Based on published reports, Tyga effortlessly references Martin’s slaying in his rap.

On Friday, the Young Money rapper dropped a short video for his track “Designer.” The track is the usual boasting kind of song we’re used to from Tyga. On the track he raps about expensive clothes, money and women. However, in the midst of all that fly talk, Tyga mentions Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old unarmed black teen who was shot and killed by a watchman in his father’s neighborhood. In the song Tyga raps: “I got that gold thang. Make these b*tches scream/ Make these p*ssies pop/ Killin’ n*ggas for no reason — Trayvon.” Unsurprisingly, Tyga has been receiving a lot of criticism for his line. The rapper has yet to reply. (Global Grind)

Since the track’s release, online bloggers have gone into a fury waiting for a response.

YMCMB rapper Tyga has been releasing a steady flow of hits lately, but his latest track, “Designer,” may have gone too far. On the track, Tyga raps about money, cars, clothes, and women, but takes it a step farther comparing his style to Trayvon Martin’s death. The video was dropped on Friday, and over the weekend, the internet has gone crazy with demands for him to drop the line from the song. So far, Tyga has yet to respond. So what do you think??? Creative lyricism…. or just another dumb a** rapper trying too hard to be creative??? (Black Pulse)

Last week, urban fiction author Wahida Clark talked to SOHH about Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, getting bailed out.

“This is nothing new, it’s just that we had to scream, kick and holler just to get an arrest,” Clark told SOHH referring to George Zimmerman. “It’s always been like this. It’s nothing new. People that’s involved in hip-hop are underestimated. The masses look at us like we’re ignorant or what not and we are business people. Street literature is just the same as hip-hop because we’re telling stories and rappers rap. They just look at us differently and when we have to step up to the plate, we step up to the plate. We got a lot of sense. I think that hip-hop or anybody big that lends their weight, attention or time to injustice, is good. People being passive to me is bad.” (SOHH)

A few days prior, Brooklyn rapper Papoose exploded over Zimmerman being allowed to post a bail bond that the public perceived as far too reasonable.

“That’s some savage sh*t,” Papoose told XXL in reaction of Zimmerman posting 10% of his $150,000 bail to become a free man until his trial next year. “The man could be free and Trayon is in his grave till eternity. Everybody celebrated when they arrested dude, but I think it was premature. This dude is an animal. The whole thing is bullsh*t.” As angry as the Martin incident makes him, Papoose is proud that he and his peers in hip-hop at least spoke up about the situation. “All of us being successful…anybody who has a voice, it’s our duty for us to provide a voice for those who don’t have a platform,” Papoose said. “I felt like it’s my duty. I felt like I’d be playing myself if I didn’t say something. I commend everybody.” (XXL Mag)


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