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During a recent interview of Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, host Charlamagne Tha God of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and MTV’s Point of View, asked Wiz how he dealt with the infamy surrounding Rose’s reputation, Wiz’s thoughts on smoking, and much more.

Although the popular host is known for his quick wit and unmatched rebuttals, Wiz didn’t hesitate to respond to Charlamagne’s question of his fiance’ with a humorous followup of his own.

Charlamagne: Now before I met Amber, I had a negative perception of her because of the way the industry painted her. Like, how did you get pass that perception of her being a “industry hoe?” Wiz Khalifa: “A lot of people, they say you’re [Charlamagne] an a**hole. But ever since I’ve met you you’ve been a cool dude. And I never really gave you the preconceived notion of being an a**hole. I was like, let me see how this dude acts towards me. And it’s been always cool. I give everybody that respect. And with her, I really seen who she was as a person off the bat.” (MTV)

Following a few quick laughs, Charlamagne admitted his adoration for Philly chicks and submitted to giving props where it was due.

[Amber Rose] is a nice girl. And I love Philly chicks. They treat you so motherly. They birth you and breast feed you kind-of. [laughs]. They’re nurturing. (MTV)

When asked if he was aware of Pac’s infamous holographic cameo at Coachella prior to the event, Wiz admitted that he did.. Well, sort of.

Charlamagne: Did you know if it was going to happen. Are were you high like “Oh my Gosh, is that Pac?” Wiz Khalifa: “You know what? I’m not even going to laugh. I knew it was going to happen but I got so high, I got forgot. So when it happened I was like “Oh sh*t!”” (MTV)

After openly admitting his love for trees, Wiz defended his stance as a casual smoker, admitting that his worldly experiences and many encounters while traveling have only reinforced his pick of ‘poison’. He even got political in regards to its legalization, or rather, lack thereof.

Wiz Khalifa: “Flying on planes and being the only N-word in first class I realized how many people get drunk before 6am. And if you want to talk about pot, that’s the happy drug. You’re getting drunk.Charlamagne: “You think they should legalize marijuana?” Wiz Khalifa: “Absolutely!” (MTV)

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