Detroit Police are doing some extra detective work as they search for a missing unmarked cruiser. Someone stole the undercover vehicle overnight.

Since the car was stolen last night, police have been on the lookout and they tell us they are optimistic they are going to get it back.

A black, 2007 Dodge Charger is pictured on the left. At first glance, it’s looks like any other car you would see on the road. But detroit police tell us one just like it belonging to an officer is now in the hands of a criminal.

“There were red and blue dash lights on the vehicle,” said Deputy Chief James Tolbert.

So, at some point, the thief had to realize this was no ordinary vehicle. Fortunately, the officer had his gun with him and not in the vehicle.

When it was stolen, the only thing inside was some police gear and the lights mounted on the dash. That part is a concern, one that police aren’t taking lightly. Drivers should be on the lookout:

License plate 8JP H46

“If you see a car that’s not normally used as a police vehicle and there are no markings on it, we all need to be a little bit careful at that point,” Tolbert said.

Should the bad guy be bold enough to impersonate the police, the deputy chief says don’t panic. Stop in a well lit area or better yet pick up the phone and verify who you’re dealing with.

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