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Mission Statement: The Horatio Williams Foundation is dedicated to helping local youth realize personal success and achievement through a series of developmental leadership programs that will engage students in education, sports, and community service activities.

Pledge: We are dedicated to addressing and meeting the needs of under-served inner city youth by developing their leadership skills in the concentrated areas of sports, education, and community service. We promise to emphasize the importance of leadership through education and teamwork by providing programs that instill discipline, confidence, and high self-esteem.

Mission: To teach our children character-building life lessons and encourages them to take on leadership roles throughout their lives. HWF parallels the philosophy of our schools, which is that every child is important, every child is special and every child can learn. Once we recognize the similarities and differences between our goals and our children’s goals then we can find the common ground to reach one – teach one. We are committed to providing our youth with leadership, discipline, organizational, and the life skills required of them to become more effective life-long leaders. To that end, our focus is to provide a structured program that will help cultivate their leadership skills so that each year they accelerate their potential and build upon their skills from the previous year.

Who We Are: The Horatio Williams Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by passionate and great leader who always wanted to find a way to Give A “SECOND CHANCE”. Our goal is to be life long vehicles to helping children become leaders. Our teamwork approach requires every participant to develop trust, build integrity, and give as a servant to our community, while participating in our events and programs. Through this end we set goals that are attainable both individually and with teammates. It is clear to us at HWF that changing the lives of our children can change the world. Leadership development can build children of high character, who lead, preserve, overcome adversity and function as productive/effective members of our society. We are helping change the world; one child at a time and we accept the challenge.

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