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Maybach Music Group leader, Rick Ross, and Reebok Classics creative director, Swizz Beatz, recently spoke on their partnership with the iconic sneaker company and fended off comparisons to the line’s past collaborations with G-Unit and Jay-Z.

In Swizzy’s eyes, him and Rozay are purely focused on creating and branding their own lane of freshness.

“We not tryin to follow things that have already been done, we tryin’ to do things in a newer, fresher way,” Beatz said when asked about Reebok’s past Jay-Z and G-Unit partnerships. “As far as the collaborations, that’s on Ross and his creativity, he got some tricks up his sleeves, but it definitely won’t be something you’ve seen before.” (Complex)

Ross also said his reasoning behind teaming with Reebok was largely in part due to the company’s interest in hip-hop.

“Most definitely ‘Reebok Back’ opened the doors. But you know me, me of course being a fan of Reebok from my childhood, but me being the executive and a boss in the business right now, this was the only iconic sneaker that I saw really reaching back out to the culture of hip-hop. Me being in the position I am now it’s not even about a dollar, it’s about the whole movement, and Reebok was the only ones I really saw opening that door,” Ross added. “[G-Unit and Jay-Z Reebok deals?] To be honest, to add on that, I think that’s what really made this situation special, knowing we can have the freedom to create whatever it is we want to create. I think that’s what really made this perfect for bawses.” (Complex)

A few days ago, Ricky Rozay hinted at his new business venture with the renowned sneaker brand.

Will sneaker money make Rick Ross rich forever? We will see. The Bawse has signed a deal with Reebok, as confirmed by his Twitter timeline and hinted after recent Reebok uploads and the “Reebok Back” video. (Nice Kicks)

Last year, Reebok Classics product manager, Damion Presson, gave SOHH his reaction to Ricky Rozay heating up the summer with a “Reebok’s Back” music anthem.

“I think it was totally unexpected,” Presson told SOHH when asked about Reebok’s reaction to Ross’ “Reebok’s Back” track. “I don’t think anyone expected that and that’s kind of how [creative director] Swizz [Beatz] operates. He just does things and you’re like, ‘Wow.’ I think the reaction from the building, when the rest of the company heard it was just blown away. He did a song with one of the hottest rappers in the game right now about Reebok. ‘Reebok’s Back.’ I mean, people were just blown away. Everyone was just taken back like, ‘Wow, this guy just goes so hard.’ So it really shows the passion and I think people here at Reebok appreciate that and that’s why they’ll go the extra mile for Swizz because they know he’s out there on the street going hard…It’s funny because I work so closely with him that sometimes I’ll have designers walk by me and say, ‘Reebok Is Back’, the song, just because they’re excited and they know I have a close relationship with Swizz. So it’s an exciting time. It’s very, very exciting. ” (SOHH)

Check out the “Reebok Back” music video below:

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