Recently while Young Jeezy was in Detroit for a show in his ‘second home’ he stopped by HOT 107.5 to break news with his homey and HOT 107.5 on-air personality Shorty da Prince. What is the news you may ask? Jeezy shared with HOT 107.5 exclusively that he is looking to add a new artist to his CTE label. Young Jeezy went on to say the artist he is VERY interested in is a Detroit rapper.

Can you guess who this rapper from Detroit maybe?

Let @ItsYaGirlAC break it down:

Young Jeezy’s ‘Hustlers Ambition’ Tour hit The Fillmore with ONLY ONE artist to open his Detroit show: Dusty McFly. Mind you this is Jeezy’s tour and NOT a one time show put together by a local promoter so the choice of an opening act(s) is up to Jeezy and/or the label.

In the interview below with Young Jeezy and Shorty da Prince,  Jeezy mentions that he was hoping to seal the deal with the artist of interest. With that said, it makes sense that the artist to open his show could very well be the artist he is interested in signing to CTE.

Check out the interview below to hear what Jeezy had to say about this artist. Does he reveal who it is? Is it our very own Dusty McFly?

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